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Engineering DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING Department "Engineering" produces machined welded parts, machines and machine parts in the field of general mechanical engineering. Technological operations are smoothly linked together without unnecessary idle times, handling is effected by cranes with load bearing capacity of 10 000 kg. We can offer all kinds of work beginning from division of material, welding and machining to final surface treatment by blasting and varnishing, as well as final assembly. Sound-proof insulations are made of sandwich-type sheets. They reduce level of noise and can be used within temperature interval from - 20 to + 60 °C. The principle of sandwich-type sheets consists in joining of two (or more) metallic sheets with use of adhesive plastic layer in between. Use of sound-proof insulating sheets is anywhere, where there exists a need of reduction of noise, combined with requirements of flame resistance and sufficient rigidity of used materials.

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